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elvive curl nourishment oil conditioner 250ml 1

Elvive Curl Nourishment Oil Conditioner

Experience a beautiful curl transformation.

Perfectly defined and nourished curls





THE SCIENCE OF VERY DRY / CURLY / AFRO HAIR The unique spiral structure, curly / Afro hair can be naturally dry and brittle making it difficult to manage and prone to breakage. OUR SECRET TO PERFECTLY DEFINED AND NOURISHED CURLS A luxurious conditioner with an irresistible fragrance, enriched with AMLA OIL* + 6 PRECIOUS FLOWER OILS.* The rich texture infuses each curl with supreme nourishment from root to tip: SUPREME NOURISHMENT - Nourishes the most dry, rebellious hair for improved manageability. DEFINED CURLS - Beautifully defined and disciplined curls. VIBRANT SHINE - See the brilliance of hair which looks iridescent with shine. *Amla Oil Extract

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