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Elvive Triple Resist Conditioner - 400ml

Elvive Triple Resist Conditioner

For fragile hair with a tendency to fall. Hair feels stronger, nourished, reinforced.




You put your hair through daily torture and sometimes it can lack essential nourishment. Weakened, your hair has a tendency to break and fall out. Introducing new Elvive Triple Resist shampoo enriched in ARGININE + PROTEIN*. The formula provides a triple action: reinforced, nourished from root to tip and stronger. *Protein derivative

Our 1st triple action programme for fragile hair with a tendency to fall. Feel the strength of Triple Resist. Enriched in ARGININE, an essential amino acid and a vital constituent of the hair fibre, and PROTEIN*, the new reinforcing formula leaves hair feeling nourished, reinforced and stronger. *Protein derivative

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