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smooth sugar scrub glowing grapeseed 50ml glowing grapeseed 50ml 1

Smooth Sugar Scrub Glowing Grapeseed 50ml

3 fine sugars in a gentle, caring scrub for instantly glowing, baby-soft skin, face & lips

Glowing Grapeseed 50ml




SMOOTH SUGARS GLOW SCRUB For the first time, the L’Oreal Paris Laboratories have selected 3 FINE SUGARS and combined them with GRAPESEED OIL so you can instantly reveal luminously radiant, polished, baby-soft skin. Use on face & lips. AT THE HEART OF OUR FORMULA: SUGARS A 100% naturally-derived exfoliant rich in essential nutrients. We have selected fine crystals of 3 sugars (brown, blond, white) for deep yet gentle exfoliation and cleansing. Beyond scrubbing, this expert facial cleanser blend provides skin with care. GENTLE, SENSORIAL TEXTURE Caring and delicately scented, its smoothing texture offers you a unique facial cleansing experience. FEATURING BRIGHTENING INGREDIENTS GRAPESEED OIL, packed with vitamin E to illuminate and brighten skin MONOI OIL, a natural moisturizer, known to protect skin from dullness and fatigue ACAI POWDER, to softly polish the skins' surface 100% NATURALLY DERIVED EXFOLIANTS Beyond scrubbing, this expert facial cleansing blend provides skin with care. Suitable for all skin types. INSTANT AND LONG-TERM, VISIBLE RESULTS: IMMEDIATELY: Skin is clean, polished and luminously glowing. AFTER 1 WEEK: Skin texture is refined and complexion is bright. USE AFTER USE: Skin is smoother, revived and healthy-looking with a baby-soft touch.

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