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botanicals coriander strength source hair potion 125ml hair potion 125ml 1

Botanicals Coriander Strength Source Hair Potion 125ml

Introducing our L'Oreal botanicals coriander strengthening potion for fragile hair. Ginger & Coriander a strengthening therapy for your fine fragile hair.

Hair Potion 125ml




We've infused these reinforcer's of brittle locks in featherweight textures that help to reduce breakage. Our botanicals hair philosophy: 100% vegan, our formulas don't contain any animal component or derived ingredients. Natural formulas: our conditioners & treatments are crafted with at least 97% naturally derived ingredients. No silicones for a natural feel. Recycled & recyclable packaging: all our Shampoo & treatment bottles are made of 100% recycled pet. Our conditioner Tubes are 50% recycled. All our packaging is 100% recyclable, except the caps- we're not perfect but we're working on it! It's a journey but we're committed to constantly improving our sustainability credentials.

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