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botanicals safflower rich infusion hair potion 125ml hair potion 125ml 1

Botanicals Safflower Rich Infusion Hair Potion 125ml

Introducing our L'Oreal botanicals safflower nourishing potion for dry hair. Argan & safflower a nourishing therapy for your dry hair.

Hair Potion 125ml




Rich in lipids, we've infused these precious oils in opulent formulas that Drench hair in nutrition and moisture. Our botanicals hair philosophy: 100% vegan, our formulas don't contain any animal component or derived ingredients. Natural formulas: our conditioners & treatments are crafted with at least 97% naturally derived ingredients. No silicones for a natural feel. How To Use: Gently apply onto wet hair, leave for 3 minutes & rinse. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly. Recycled & recyclable packaging: all our Shampoo & treatment bottles are made of 100% recycled pet. Our conditioner Tubes are 50% recycled. All our packaging is 100% recyclable, except the caps- we're not perfect but we're working on it! It's a journey but we're committed to constantly improving our sustainability credentials.

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