Elvive Colour Protect Wonder Water

Reignite your hair colour with up to 5x more shine. New 8 second liquid treatment powered by lamellar technology

  • 200ml
Product details
New Colour Protect Wonder Water is a revolutionary shine enhancer and rinse-out hair treatment by L'Oréal Paris Elvive that will transform your lengths in just 8 seconds! Powered by lamellar water technology, the lightweight formula instantly helps nourish hair, for shinier and softer hair with vibrant-looking, glossy colour radiance. The acidic technology is also PH optimised for coloured hair. Reignite your colour with up to 5x more shine! Ideal for damaged, dry, frizzy hair. Blow dry for ultimate shine and smoothness.
After shampooing, apply to wet hair on lengths only. Massage for 8 seconds, then rinse out, avoiding contact with eyes. Follow with a regular conditioner if needed. For optimal results, use with the Elvive Colour Protect range.
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